Flowzo Launches 'Last Mile' Concept During Alchemist Demo Day

Flowzo is building the fastest broadband service for North America by quickly solving last mile obstacles faced by large telcos. An early stage startup founded by a team of experienced wireless experts, Flowzo is funded by renowned tech-accelerator Alchemist and is on a mission to deliver super-fast and affordable internet access to all communities, starting with multiplex owners right here in the heart of Silicon Valley. 

The concept is simple: Flowzo creates a gigabit wireless core in a building that is already fed with fiber and shares it over a half-mile radius via rooftop routers, eliminating the need for digging and installing cable. By targeting multiplex owners, Flowzo creates a win-win situation for all involved. For minimal outlay, mulitplex owners can get their buildings connected and increase their cashflow right away. Renters can move in to their new homes knowing that they can connect to fast and reliable broadband from the moment they arrive.

 Flowzo's pilot project in Millbrae, California, recorded broadband internet speeds that are 20 times better than AT&T and Comcast without having to dig. With several property developers and mulitplex/smart building owners already interested in working with Flowzo and two multiplex owners already signed on in East Palo Alto, California, and Waterloo, Ontario, the future of broadband internet access is Flowzo: simple, fast and reliable. 

If you are a building owner or property developer and would like to find out more about Flowzo's services, please contact team@flowzo.com